…and snacks on dik-dik.  From the AP’s Bernie Wilson.

“Ostrich was phenomenal. Warthog was outstanding. A little different taste, but it’s really good,” the San Diego Padres’ David Wells (above) said while recounting his 3 week trip to Africa. “Hardebeest, wildebeest, gazelle, all that stuff. Very, very tasty. It’s just the zebra you don’t want to eat. We shot them for bait. For lions.”

Even a dik-dik, a furry little antelope, ended up on Wells’ dinner plate after he “double-lunged it” from 30 yards with his bow.

“That was probably one of the best eating things I had,” he said. “It doesn’t sound good. Cute little suckers, too.”

“It was scary, though,” he added.

Boomer frightened? This is a man, after all, who’s gotten into his share of trouble on both coasts, learned to play baseball by playing catch with members of the Hells Angels in a rough-edged San Diego neighborhood and said in a book that he had a “skull-rattling hangover” when he pitched a perfect game for the New York Yankees in 1998.

“Yeah man, you don’t know if you walk around a tree and there’s a lion coming right at you,” Wells said after throwing a bullpen session this week. “There’s a lot of things that can go wrong over there. A lot of things.”

Wells’ teammates feasted on Colorado pitching today in an 11-3 decision, PED enthusiast Terrmel Sledge (3 for 5, 3 runs scored), whose leadoff HR served up by Rodrigo Lopez was the former’s 4th round-tripper of the spring.