Extra TV optimistically calls the CW’s “H8R”, “a wild and unpredictable reality show that brings celebrity haters and the stars face-to-face in many awkward, embarrassing and shocking encounters!”  A few of the celeb hate targets who’ve agreed to appear on the new Mario Lopez-hosted trash fest include Snooki, The Miz, Ron Artest and Terrell Owens, but perhaps the guest with the single biggest rep for being unlikable is baseball’s all-time HR king, Barry Bonds.  The New York Post’s Michael Blaustein has further background on Bonds’ appearance on what’s likely to be a very short-lived television program  — even if Barry M. Bloom is enlisted as a script consultant.

Bonds was supposed to tape the confrontation earlier this month but, according to show insiders, was injured in a serious bicycle accident that sent him to the hospital.

Officials declined to give details about the extent and nature of the injury but said the accident delayed the taping by about six weeks.

“H8R” host Mario Lopez, a close friend of Bonds, is taking credit for getting Bonds to come out of seclusion for his reality TV debut.

“They were having dinner one night, and Mario told [Bonds] about the show,” says the show’s creator Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey.

“Barry was really into it; he started coming up with ideas right away.”

Baulstein can be excused for calling “H8R”, Bonds’ “reality TV debut. Even the few persons who watched “Bonds On Bonds” have managed to forget a program that somehow managed to be entirely self-indulgent yet thoroughly boring at the same time.