Is J.R. Smith a genuine gangster or just a Twit with poor spelling? The Denver Post’s Chris Dempsey reports Twitter posts from Nuggets G Smith have raised the ire of local fans as they are “written in a way that is commonly associated with the Bloods street gang.”  To paraphase Homer Simpson, “they have micro-blogging street gangs on the internet now”.

On a post Sunday, Smith exclaimed “Vegas here I kome!” Last week he wrote that he “Kant wait to get bak in the swing of things.”

Words that would have a “C” in them are replaced with “K,” or if a word has both in them, the “C” is removed altogether. Smith has nearly 15,000 followers on his Twitter page.

A post last week, upon his release from jail, caused an online debate among Denver Post readers about the topic. Smith, at the time, thanked his fans and wrote, “I just Kame home. . . . I kouldnt have done it with out yall.”