A new John Varatos shop opened on New York’s Bowery this week, not coincidently in the former CBGB building. At the boutique’s opening bash Thursday night, the excellent Vanishing New York reported that one guest spat on protestors, while declaring “I am on the side of New York City fucking rock ‘n’ roll!”  The gentleman in question was named by VNY as “an unidentified former member of the Misfits”.

Naturally my curiosity was piqued. Surely Danzig has enough books about evil so he can avoid desperate public scenes like this. And Robo never seemed like the spitting type…..(drum roll)…..Bobby Steele, come on down :

Where were they when CBGB’s needed saving? they were probably bitching about the $9 admission price. Would they dare try to protest NYU, or BRC “ the building’s owners? No. They probably were NYU students “ at least some had that ‘air’ about them “ you know the one “I go to college “ so I’m better than you, because I have a piece of paper that says I’m smart.”

I actually posed this to them: this was gonna become either a Starbucks or a Chase bank “ two multinational corporations that the Left insists are ‘evil’ , and this independent entrepeneur comes along, and from what I can see as only the kindness of his heart, takes the space, preserves what remaining posters and graffiti were left behind, behind glass “ and creates what is essentially a NY RnR Hall Of Fame/Museum. On top of that, he plans on holding one concert/month in the store¦ again, in honor of the history of CBGB. I asked, “what would you rather have”, and the overwhelming cry from the supposedly anti-corporate Liberal Leftists was “STARBUCKS!” “ like the Israelis who were given a choice of who to save from the Cross, and cried “Give us Barabas” “ a criminal, these “progressives” called for the multinational corporation over the DIY guy. You can see how much they ‘care’ for the little guy “ they’ll step all over him, because he threatens the ‘total control’ that the multinationals represent, and that the Left “ as Diego Rivera so eloquently declared “ desires.

They were telling me what “PUNK” is. “It’s not punk”. So, I finally had enough, and said “This is PUNK!” and spit on them

(photo credit : Bob Arihood, The Villager)