Just when I thought the all-encompassing coverage of SBXLI couldn’t get any dopier, I flipped channels just in time to hear Deion Sanders tell Kelvin Hayden how jealous he was watching the Indy DB return an ill-advised Rex Grossman pass for a touchdown. Even Greg Doyel thinks Prime Time shouldn’t interject himself into the story so quickly.

That said, there are a couple of media titans — New York based, naturally —  who probably have their minds on something  other than the MVP performance of the Colts’ Peyton Manning (above) this evening. In this morning’s New York Times — on the cover of the sports section, no less, George Vescey was given license to dismiss today’s game as “something to do while waiting for pitchers and catchers to report,” while brother Peter was in typically sneertastic mode over at the Post.

It’s here again, boys and girls, the annual biggest game in the history of the civilized and uncivilized world. So grand is this get-together that any other meet-and-greet would be foolish to finagle any portion of the public’s patience: Hawks at Nets, tip-off, High Noon.

I understand even this football game isn’t starting until early evening so as not to get washed away with the Continental Breakfast Arena dishes. By the way, how nice was it for the association to give Tayshaun Prince permission to take the day off and be the halftime entertainment at this football game. NBA Cares.

Other than that, I’ll refrain from further comment about the Colts’ first title since fucking over the people of Baltimore except to say they’re deserving champs, and I truly hope Jim Irsay has a designated driver tonight.