Having cashed in big time on the journalism-destroying Google-rigging monstrosity that is Bleacher Report, entrepreneurial menace Bryan Goldberg has turned his attention to LADY PERSONS in the form of the newly launched Bustle.com.  As the Wrap’s Sara Morrison reports, there’s not been unanimous acceptance over Goldberg’s claims his operation “will completely transform women’s publishing”, though at the very least, you have to admit that if he’s in charge, he’s attempting to redefine “women’s publishing”. At the very least, he’s the most compelling feminist this side of Luke Winkie.

“I’m disappointed that some people are jumping to quick conclusions about Bustle, and this simply expands our list of goals,” Goldberg (above) said. “Effective tomorrow, we have a lot more people to convince and win over. My team is prepared to do just that.”

He added that he wasn’t surprised at the backlash. “Of course I expect us to have critics,” he said. “My last website had critics. My future endeavors will have critics. If you let critics dictate your sense of mission, then you automatically lose.”

“You’re damn right this is a feminist publication,” Goldberg wrote in the Q and A portion of the article that was, essentially, him answering the questions that he asked.

Mother Jones co-editor Clara Jeffery and Maura Johnston made sure to re-tweet some of Goldberg’s tweets from July about the trials and travails of working in an office of women. Or, as Goldberg said on July 1, “Having a company full of girls is great -they snuck into my bedroom and filled it with balloons! Luckiest CEO ever!”

“Women’s Website Drama — one of the ladies didn’t get the bowling ball all the way to the pins. Maintenance guy on the way…” he tweeted on July 19.

Goldberg defended the tweets to TheWrap, saying “Being a lonely man amongst many many women at this office is a fun, strange, and (at times) hilarious situation. Our bowling trip was one such example, there will be many more.”

He added: “Today, I had to google ‘IUD,’ because it was on the front page of our site. Our strength is that we are an unusual combination of people with disparate strengths, and we are not the type of people who would typically come together for a large business venture. That will bring with it a lot of challenging and light-hearted moments. And it is also why we will be huge.”