In what begs a redefinition of “right place at the right time”, CF Jacoby Ellsbury became the 3rd highest paid outfielder of all-time Tuesday, signing a staggering 7-year, $153 million deal with the Yankees that’s particularly eye-popping considering he’ll be 37  during the pact’s final year. While SBN’s Rob Neyer admits Ellsbury could presently be called one of the AL’s top (ten) players, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be anywhere close to that in a few years’ time.

This isn’t a two- or three-season deal. It’s a seven-season deal. And before you say it doesn’t matter because after two or three seasons the Yankees will just find someone else to produce all those runs and play center field, just consider how difficult it’s been for the Yankees to just cut Alex Rodriguez loose. Or Mark Teixeira. Even in this era of wine and roses for practically everybody associated with professional baseball, it’s difficult to bench, let alone flat-out release, anybody who’s making $22 million per season. What’s more likely is that by 2017 or ’18, Ellsbury’s sucking up a lot of dollars (who cares) and a lot of valuable plate appearances (whoops).

So just hang on, non-Yankees American League East fans. Eat your fiber and get your daily exercise for just a few more years, and you’ll live to see the Steinbrothers regret this bloated contract, too. And the anticipation will only make it better.