(NOTE : projects that labels that either pay the CSTB bandwidth bill or soak up all of CSTB’s ad revenue are ineligble.  A version of this list was previously published elsewhere.  That’s truth of most the blog’s content, however – GC)

Bottomless Pit – Shade Perennial (Comedy Minus One)

Ooga Boogas – s/t (Aarght)
Spray Paint – s/t (SS Records)
Spray Paint – Rodeo Songs (SS Records)

Martha’s Vineyard Ferries – Mass Grave (Kiam)
Radioactivity – s/t (Dirtnap)
Running – Vaguely Ethnic (Castleface)
Jeffrey Novak – Lemon Kid (Trouble In Mind)
Destruction Unit – Void (Jolly Dream)
Destruction Unit – Deep Trip (Sacred Bones)

Chris Corsano / Bill Orcutt – The Raw & The Cooked (Palilalia)
Sun Kil Moon/The Album Leaf – Perils From The Sea (Calo Verde)
Endless Boogie – Long Island (No Quarter)
Overseas – s/t (Undertow)
Ex-Cult – Ex-Cult (Goner)
Dick Diver – Calendar Days (Chapter Music)
Cuntz – Solid Mates (Homeless)

Impalers – s/t (540)
Counter Intuits s/t (Pyramid Scheme)
A Giant Dog – Bone (Tic Tac Totally)
Mordecai – College Rock (Richie)
Lloyd Pack – At Home With The Lloyd Pack (L’Esprit De L’Escalier)
Buck Biloxi & The Fucks – s/t (Red Lounge)
Pampers – s/t (In The Red)
Chris Forsyth – Solar Motel (Paradise Of Bachelors)
Bassholes – Boogieman Stew (Columbus Discount)
Gary Wrong Group – Knights Of Misery 12″ (Total Punk)
Thalia Zedek Band – Via (Thrill Jockey)
The School Of Radiant Living – s/t (Radiant)


Survival Knife – “Divine Mob” (Kill Rock Stars)
Gary Wrong Group/Wizzard Sleeve – “Halloween Violence” (Jeth Row/Pelican Pow Wow)
Gas Rag – ‘Human Rights’ EP (Beach Impediment)
Gotobeds – “Ipso Facto” (Mind Cure)

Buck Biloxi & The Fucks – “Holodeck Survivor” (Total Punk)
Manateees – “Neat Freak” (Pelican Pow Wow)
Wet Lungs – s/t 7″ EP (Twistworthy)

Chance – In Search (Paradise Of Bachelors)
Dark – Dark Round The Edges (Machu Picchu)
Peter Gutteridge – Pure (540)

Victor Dimisich Band – s/t (Siltbreeze)
Venom P. Stinger – Meet My Friend Venom / What’s Yours Is Mine (Drag City)
Craig Leon – Nommos (Superior Viaduct)
Dump – Superpowerless / I Can Hear Music (Morr Music)

Afflicted Man – I’m Off Me ‘Ead (Permanent)

live :

Rusted Shut (Mohawk, Austin)

Cuntz (Death By Audio, NYC, Buccaneer, Memphis, Mohawk, Austin)
Destruction Unit (Beerland, Austin, Hotel Vegas, Austin)
Tyvek (Empty Bottle, Chicago)
Wizzard Sleeve (Empty Bottle, Chicago, Hi-Tone, Memphis)
Cheater Slicks (Beerland, Austin, Empty Bottle, Chicago)
Total Control (Holy Mountain, Austin)
Protomartyr (Beerland, Austin, Bottom Lounge, Chicago)
Richard Buckner (Hotel Vegas, Austin)
Hoax (Mohawk, Austin)

Overseas (Parish, Austin)
The Rats (Mohawk, Austin)
Iron Maiden (Circuit Of The Americas Speedway, Austin)

talented people who didn’t make records : Mike White, Byron Bowers. I’m sure there’s at least a half dozen more.