To call KVET’s Gregg Henson (above) an aggressively untalented radio host would be a tad diplomatic. In fact, his sub-Morning Zoo yackfests, as previously heard on KZNX, are enough to make Ben Maller sound like David Brinkley by comparison.

Henson’s bounced around from one radio gig to another, inexplicably turning up as program director at Clear Channel’s Austin sports station shortly after stinking up the evening drive slot on their crosstown competitor. It’s fair to say his former listeners in Philadelphia — the few who recall his name, anyway, aren’t wishing him well in future endeavors. Of Henson’s tenure at Philadelphia’s WPEN, 700 Level’s Matt P writes, “his annoying laugh, his above-the-world pomposity, his berating of anyone who disagreed with his unfounded and subjective points, and his overall lack of actual sports knowledge, both in Philly and on the national level, made 950 a non-option during the morning drive.”

Apparently Henson didn’t last long back in Detroit, and he’s now returned to Texas to work the drive home on the Longhorns’ flagship station, 1300 AM. And as you might imagine, the Longhorn fans are already trying to hook him. Henson himself thinks the show is taking off, but oddly, he “can’t believe there are that many people out there who want to talk sports.” Um, then why base your entire career on that “phenomenon”?

Because there are only so many opportunities to carry Boomer Esiason’s briefcase?