Ever wanted to wake up one morning to see Giants closer Brian Wilson tagging an “SF” logo on the side of your house?  I didn’t think so, but one San Francisco homeowner tells Bernalwood’s Todd Lappin that having previously seen the above Wilson stencil appearing on the city’s streets, he couldn’t resist commissioning one for his own abode,.

I suggested Get Up tag the open, south facing wall of my house (which faces a small empty lot).  The next thing you know, he says as long as it’s ok with me he’d love to!

My only stipulation was that he do it as if it were a real tag – wherever he wanted to, and by the dark of night.  I left him a can of housepaint to touch up the wall at his request.  And this morning, voila!  (I paypaled him some dough to cover his supplies and whatnot, of course).

So it’s a great image that captures my love of street art, the Giants, the quirkiness of Bernal, and since I’d just returned from Burning Man it seemed like a nice way to decorate the neighborhood.