“Know what I wish?” asks the Toronto Star’s Doug Smith. “That all of you could have heard Sam Mitchell (above, left) in an hour-long conversation after practice on Monday that had nothing to do with basketball whatsoever.”   That the Raptors coach had nothing better to do doesn’t necessarily surprise me, but what’s Smith’s excuse?

Politics. He’s a dyed in the wool democrat who thinks Hillary Clinton’s probably the toughest-minded presidential candidate, Barack Obama would be a great U.S. vice president and John Edwards wouldn’t do a bad job at VP either. Mitchell is such a Dem he said he once threw a dude out of his house because the guest had voted for Dubya and couldn’t provide an answer to Mitchell when he asked for “one Christian thing” No. 43 has done.Gun control. He’s in favour of the strictest possible measures to get handguns out of the hands of everyone.

Health care. Canada’s system, while agreeing with some us that it has its flaws, is light years ahead of whatever American system exists and he’d love to see the same kind of universal system in place down there no matter the cost.

Iraq. He’s convinced the Americans will be there, in some form, for years and years and years. All for a war started on false pretences.