While the 1-8 Bengals contemplate giving Chris Perry the starting RB nod for Sunday’s meeting with Philadelphia (in light of yacht club president former Longhorn Cedric Benson’s sore back), GM Mike Brown finds his own tenure under fire with the appearance of the billboard above, throughout the city.  Who Dey Revolution is seeking donations to cover the costs of this very public protest (link courtesy Jason Cohen).

To make sure these billboards can stay up for the rest of the season and into the once again Bengal-free post-season, we need some help from our fellow Comrades.  We are asking for you to donate $18 using the Paypal link on the left of the page – or $1 for each year of Mike Brown’s ownership of the team.  However, if you are in a financial position to donate more than $18, by all means go for it.  We don’t want to hold you back.   We need all the donations possible to keep these billboards up.  Just think how much of your money Mike Brown has buried in a tin can in his backyard (he doesn’t trust those new fancy “banks”) and contribute to a cause that is working to take back our team.  Unfortunately, the fathers of the writers of WDR did not start an NFL team so we need your help to keep these billboards up.

Remember, Project Mayhem has two goals:

1. Disrupt the natural order of Mike Brown’s Bengals
2. Reduce Mike Brown’s profit

We are not delusional.  We don’t think that these billboards alone will cause Mike Brown to change.  But unless the Bengals make some big changes, you can expect a lot more losing.  So Bengals fans have a few choices: 1) blindly follow the team and just be happy our humble city has an NFL franchise; 2) get so fed up with the Bengals that you either quit following the NFL, become a passive fan or adopt a new team, or 3) join with WhoDeyRevolution and your fellow comrades to demand change.