Who am I kidding? These guys would be laughing no matter what.  But having seen R.A. Dickey get the snot beat out of him in the PCL on more than one occasion, well, tonight’s debacle begs the question, exactly how many pictures of Jeff Wilpon and the waitress from Lucky Cheng’s is Howard Johnson sitting on? What pray tell, is the Mets’ game plan when facing a knuckler like Dickey, other than say, roll over and die?

If nothing else, Oliver Perez’ latest stinkeroo (5 innings, 5 earned runs, 7 hits, a pair of homers allowed, one to the .218 hitting Kenji Jojihma) suggests that perhaps it’s Rick Peterson who oughta pity us.  The Jacket might be unemployed, but he’s no longer obliged to watch this shit.  The nicest thing you can possibly say about Ollie’s outing is that he achieved a greater degree of competency than Bronson Arroyo, who managed just an inning’s worth of work tonight while allowing 10 runs and 11 hits to the Blue Jays.  It was the second time this season Death Wish has retired 4 batters or fewer during a start — perhaps replacing Scott Stapp with Tom Glavine as his personal guru was not, in retrospect, a great move.