I never quite understood what would possess any newspaper — even a college daily — to publish Justin Borus and Andy Feinstein’s monumentally wretched “Sports & Girls”. That after several yeears, the strip is now a fixture on ESPN.com’s Page 2 is encouraging in that it might signal an unusual aesthetic shift for the WWL, from edgy-for-the-sake-of-it to so fucking bland you’ll want to shoot yourself in the face.. And with that, here’s a short list of Things That Are Funnier Than “Girls & Sports”.

* – “The Family Circus”
* – AIDS
* – Jay Mohr
* – watching C-Lo’s “Fuck You” video for the 500th time
* – The Holocaust
* – Buck Showalter
* – With Leather
* – “Yes, Dear : The Complete First Season”
* – Tank McNamara
* – Gallagher II

There’s many more, obviously, but even if you don’t have a job to get back to, I’m guessing you get the idea.