Political pundits and SNL writers alike have wondered how a registered voter could have no preference between the major Presidential candidates given their differing stances on the issues of the day. Thanks to the WaPo’s Ivan Carter and Michael Lee, we finally learn a bit about the thought process of such a citizen ; y’see, the Wizards’ recouperating Gilbert Arenas not only opted for an Obama-tribute tattoo on his left hand, but he voted for the President Elect, as well.

For a player who said he wasn’t even going to vote just three weeks ago, Arenas changed his apolitical stance quickly — and dramatically. Arenas said on Saturday that his previous comments about not voting because he was afraid of having higher taxes were “a joke that nobody got.” He added that he always planned on voting for Obama but was waiting to find the right reasons.

“I wasn’t going to sit there and wing it for no reason,” Arenas said, “Like oh yeah, he’s black so I’m voting [for him]. I could’ve said I was voting for [John] McCain because he’s from Arizona and went to all the games.”

Arenas said he went with Obama because he was impressed with his demeanor and temperament.

Arenas has gone all out for Obama, adding that he hired an artist last week to paint a mural with Obama’s family on one side and Arenas’s fiancee and children on another side of a wall in Arenas’s house. “He united people,” Arenas said of Obama. “By him winning, it showed the world that we’re not as racist as people think we are. I think that’s the beauty of [the election]. Not just because he’s the first African American president. America is not as bad as people think we are.”