Korea 1, China 0 (top of the 3rd)

I’m not saying I want a refund from MLB.com, but that’s 20 precious minutes of my life that could’ve been spent harrassing some chump (though not as well as a real master of the art), and I’ll never get that time back.

And with that sentence completed….ta-da, David Copperfield, eat my dust. The test pattern has magically disappeared, and everything is Hee-Seop-riffic.

Much like the Apollo moon landing and most Bill Popp & The Tapes gigs, this game appears to be taking place in near empty venue. I can hear one woman screaming loudly and can only pray this isn’t the modern Tokyo equivalent of Kitty Genovese.

Of course, the other possibility is that the few fans in attendence are so over-awed to be in the same building as Jeff Brantley, they’re prepared to spend the entire evening in silence in the hopes they can eavesdrop on him.

Helped by a 3 run HR by ex-Mariner Scott Spiezo, the Cardinals are trailing the Mets, 11-8 through 8 innings. Tonight’s broadcast on WFAN marks the Mets debut for Tom McCarthy, and one of the several thousandth I’ll hear Howie Rose’s voice and wonder if Stephane Mattheau ever gets prank-called in the middle of the night.