Deadspin’s Will Leich claimed in a post earlier today the below PSA is “definitive proof Canadians are terrifying.” So much for David Cronenberg’s career, then. (thanks to Mac for the link)

There’s at least two commercials running south of the border that are far scarier in this observer’s opinion. The first is spot for Hanes underwear that inexplicably asks us to believe Michael Jordan is the host of a television talk show. “The Magic Hour”, anyone? (Though the prospect of Charles Oakley taking the Ed McMahon / Hank Kingsley role is kind of hard to resist). Even more incredibly, we’re supposed to believe Cuba Gooding Jr. would be booked as a guest on a said chat program. In 2007.

The second is a slightly more contemporary ad for Wachovia Bank, in which the firm’s sad-sack employees are awakened on Christmas morning because some kid left his passport in a safe deposit box. Nice fucking work Wachovia, either your employees are going to running errands on the biggest holiday of the year or you’re setting your customers up for grave disappointment.