Tony Kornheisher spent a portion of his XM show this morning recapping the highlights of last night’s Colbert-less White House Press Correspondents Dinner.  Aside from Tony mistaking Petra Nemcova for Tim McGraw and Elliot Spitzer being blown off by Sanjaya, the big story of the was not Karl Rove getting ambushed, but rather, an ill-fated meeting of the minds that came to a sad end.

I’m writing of course, of Kornheiser’s attempts to gladhand Larry David.  “We have so many friends in common,” protested the PTI host.  “…and he couldn’t get away from me fast enough!  He went into a sprint!”

Kornheiser surmised that his wearing of sunglasses indoors was the offending faux pas.  Could be, but I’d also wager the incalculable damage done to the career of former David colleague Jason Alexander might have something to do with it, too.