There’s a Q&A with Aaron Rowand up at, apparently a story from the game-night program (“Phillies Magazine”) written by Greg Casterioto, the team’s manager of media relations.

All of which is no big shock, nor is this a new development, but when the league web site posts a story by an actual full-time team employee, isn’t the boilerplate disclaimer that they use for beat writers and stringers (This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs) just redundant on its face, if not flat-out inaccurate?

Still, I’m impressed by the way Ken Mandel managed to cover the Rod Barajas groin in winking deadpan.

Barajas has played sparingly this season, after starting the year sharing the backup position with Carlos Ruiz. He has since been passed on the depth chart by Chris Coste.

Manager Charlie Manuel hinted that a move might be coming after Thursday’s win over the Cubs. The manager was growing concerned with Tom Gordon’s frequent days of being unavailable, and wanted to add another pitcher.

Most of the other phans that I know want to see Barajas cut or waiver-claimed or traded, which, given that he represents dead salary, is what you would expect the Phils to do.

But what this situation makes me think of is the 2004 Flyers, who made so many upgrades on the blue line that they booted Eric Weinrich and Chris Therien for next to nothing at the deadline. Flash forward to Game 6 and 7 of the conference final against Tampa: Two of the Flyers’ best defensemen aren’t playing and another two are playing hurt.

All of which is my longwinded hockey-tangent way of saying you can never have too many catchers – especially for a stretch run… and especially if your team can’t even manage to keep two right fielders healthy.

The Daily News’ Marcus Hayes is just a bit less coy:

The Phillies claim Barajas is unable to catch a complete game; that his hamstring and back have suffered as a result of his balky groin. Clearly, they seem intent on replacing him on the roster with Coste.

Barajas indicated he could miss the rest of this month, which would mean he would come back when the rosters expand on Sept. 1, which manager Charlie Manuel did not deny:

“No comment,” Manuel said, pointedly.