Interesting story by Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan on former Cy Young winner Mike Marshall, who has a PhD in exercise physiology and claims to have developed a pitching motion that would put an end to pitching-arm injuries. (Mark Prior joke goes here.) His students are devoted, if not a little desperate.

One of Marshall’s students, for lack of a better description, said “we kind of throw like a girl.” 

An accompanying video shows a pitcher performing the motion. The pendulum-like swing of the arm sort of makes sense, if you consider how many days in a row fast-pitch softball pitchers can throw.

Nevertheless, Marshall has been met with resistance from baseball’s sanctimonious inner circle:

As averse as Marshall is to his peers’ theories, he at least respects the science behind them. For baseball executives, who he believes take pride in their ignorance, Marshall saves a special kind of repugnance. 

“I got tired of appeasing the stupid,” Marshall said. “How long does a blonde have to act like a moron before she gets a date? These people (in organized baseball) are idiots. They don’t know a damn thing. The thing is, they’re powerful. They get the kids and can destroy them. And they do.” 

Even Dusty Baker can’t argue.