Though Kevin Baker of The Silent Majority seriously suggested that we “ask yourself who their favorite performing artists were” regarding the accused killers of Redskins S Sean Taylor, my initial reaction was, “who fucking cares?”

But after PFT helpfully linked to the alleged MySpace page of Eric Rivera Jr. (who despite being charged with first degree felony murder, still had time to log in Saturday), I just couldn’t resist.

Eric’s favorite films include “Love & Basketball” (and we’ve already seen what that motion picture did to a noted NBA executive’s career) and “STEVEN SEGAL MOVIES”.

I’ve not seen any of Sir Seagal’s works, but I’m told they generally feature rich character development, effervescent dialogue and a paucity of gun violence.

On the musical tip, Rivera professes to be a fan of “ANYTHING THAT SOUNDS GOOD”. Hey, a man after my own heart.

Of course, such diverse tastes would undoubtedly include Sandy Denny. Because Sandy Denny most certainly sounds very good indeed.

Your move, Whitlock. It doesn’t appear as though Rivera is any more or less immersed in hip-hop culture than untold million of persons, the overwhelming majority of which have never committed a crime. But if this provides another excuse to throw more dirt on Seagal’s career, I can’t imagine too many right-thinking persons will be troubled.