Not only has Mike Ditka flip-flopped and decided to root for Da Bears on Sunday (Chicago Tribune, link courtesy Jay Strell), but the towns of Oak Forest, Tinley Park and Orland Park are considering repealing a smoking ban in order to help the locals cope with Rex Grossman’s impending 5 INT afternoon.

Is Rob Parker really “The Worst Columnist In America”? The Big Lead certainly thinks so, but if Parker really insisted that Tony Dungy oughta be fired if the Colts lose on Sunday, he’s still only the 2nd worst thing on “Cold Pizza”.

Jeff Nussbaum of AOL’s NFL Fanhouse submits the Hooded Casanova as the Colts’ El Guapo. Rich Garces was unavailable for comment.

An excerpt from Ron Borges’ chat at earlier today :

Fred Smerlas : Will I ever get elected to the Hall of Fame? Why are nose tackles discriminated against?

Borges : Who is Fred Smerlas? The first nose tackle to go into the Hall, if there ever is one, will be Curly Culp of the Kansas City Chiefs. Then Larry, Moe or even Fred might get a chance.’s Buster Olney claims the above snapshot of the Tigers’ Curtis Granderson is “the oddest picture you will see of a baseball player this offseason.” Not if David Wright and Dr. Jaerock Lee’s vacation snapshots end up in Hello! magazine.

(quite possibly the wrong Principled Skinner)

After yesterday’s banishment of Sean Williams and Akida McLain, Sports On My Mind’s dwill hails BC coach Al Skinner as “a man of principals,” adding “if BC™s fortunes turn – they™re presently 5-0 in the Big East – watch for multiple Skinners hung in effigy from dorm windows photos by March.”