The only good thing to come out of the Giants’ humilating 23-0 drubbing at the paws of the Carolina Panthers is how such a playoff loss reflects on Coach Tom Coughlin. From the New York Post’s Paul Schwartz .

Standing behind a lectern, analyzing a game he wanted to forget, Tiki Barber (surrounded above), in full public view yesterday, stated, “I think in some ways we were out-coached,” and later willingly explained precisely why.

A few minutes later, off to the side, after posing for pictures, greeting family and friends and receiving a big hug from his wife, Ginny, Barber was asked again about his critique of the Giants coaching staff.

“It was obvious,” he said. “They knew what we were doing. We didn’t adjust.”

The worst game of the season for Barber (13 carries, 41 yards) came after the Panthers, predictably enough, brought safety Mike Minter near the line of scrimmage, adding an extra defender to contain a running back who gained 1,860 yards and finished fourth in the league’s MVP voting. As a result, Toomer and Plaxico Burress were often left in single coverage against the talented Carolina cornerbacks.

Burress did not have a catch and was thrown to one time.

“That’s just a testament to our game plan not being the right one,” Barber said.

Knowing Panthers coach John Fox ” the former Giants defensive coordinator ” would load up to stop him, Barber wanted to see his team accelerate its pace and change up its usual running style.

“We spend a lot of time at the line of scrimmage sometimes dissecting the defense, and that allows them to bring up an extra guy in the box,” Barber said. “When we have gone on quick sounds, we were effective. I think we played into their scheme and it ended up ultimately costing us the game.”