Jeff Garcia, Ozzie Newsome, Ray Lewis…when will the shy, retiring Terrell Owens let the public know what he really thinks?

“You have a guy like Ray Lewis, who, I mean, I thought pretty much he was my friend. I mean, this is a guy, you know, double-murder case, he could have been in jail.

“Seems like the league embraces a guy like that. But I’m going out scoring touchdowns, having fun, but I’m the bad guy,” he said.

Though a number of talk radio screechers have predictably gone ballistic today about T.O. bringing up the subject of Lewis and those two-guys-he’s-not-guilty-of-stabbing-to-death, this is more a matter of considering the source rather than the substance. The Post’s Phil Mushnick also finds it inappropriate that Lewis is a corporate pitchman, face on the Madden box, etc., but few have suggested that he’s out of line. And Phil can’t dance like T.O.