Accused of racially abusing an ballboy over the weekend, Blackburn striker El Hadji Diouf has responded with a claim he was pelted with bananas by Everton fans.  While Diouf’s no stranger to trouble with crowdsThe Guardian’s Andy Hunter reports Everton’s (alleged) investigation has ended not unlike an x-ray of Wayne Rooney’s skull ;  results have revealed nothing.

Diouf alleged he had been the subject of racist abuse at Goodison in an interview given on Tuesday, claiming: “People threw bananas at me, and the referee told me he would report this to the police.” He also described as “nonsense” the allegation he made a racist remark to a ballboy.

The Blackburn forward made his complaint after the final whistle on Sunday and police, together with Everton stewards, immediately commenced a search of the playing surface where the alleged incident occurred plus the seating areas in the Lower Bullens Road Stand and Gwladys Street. No bananas were found in the search and no pictures have emerged that would support Diouf’s claims.