This past Wednesday marked the 34th anniversary of Tom Seaver being traded to Cincinnati by the New York Mets, an event generally considered by most persons not named Dick Young to be one of the darker days in franchise history.   With that transaction firmly in mind, the New York Daily News’ Tim Smith was amongst the media members who peppered Seaver with questions concerning the fate of SS Jose Reyes, suggesting, “they are looking at a Seaver situation all over again.”

“If you’re trading the franchise player, then you are – when I was traded they didn’t have that kind of thinking – you’re in a regroup mode, let’s say,” said Seaver, who was at Citi Field before the Mets beat the Angels, 6-1, Saturday night. “The people that they have are too smart not to have a plan for regrouping. And a time plan and a people plan.

“It is not a singular event. To me, it can’t be a singular event. If it’s a singular event, then it’s wrong. You have a player like that. Unless you have a game plan to go in a different direction, you can’t get rid of him. He’s too good.”

Seaver compared Reyes to Cincinnati greats Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan, two Hall of Famers on The Big Red Machine.

“He’s that level of player,” Seaver said. “But what are you gonna replace him with? It’s a two-way street, too. You got a Plan A. You better have Plan A. Not Plan B.”