…and perhaps ask him in what possible universe could Manny Ramirez be considered a good clubhouse influence.  That’s just one of the topics you can address with Oakland’s managing general partner at Sunday’s Fan Fest, as Wolff tells the SF Chronicle’s John Shea, “”I thought it might be a good opportunity to have a little fun and at the same time have some one-on-one with a random selection of fans who would be interested in talking to me…I may be sitting there by myself.”

In Sunday’s link-with-Lew sessions, it seems everything is on the table – unless, of course, Selig calls with a gag order. “I have talked to quite a few people who’ve written me or called me,” Wolff said. “I like doing it. … I like it when someone actually listens to me.”

In an interview with The Chronicle, Wolff gave his take on why the A’s are rebuilding and trading so many quality pitchers, citing the improbability of contending in a division with two teams’ payrolls topping $100 million and a desire to be competitive if and when the A’s move into a new park.

“Each move has been very carefully thought through,” said Wolff, adding the A’s farm system is vastly improved and the draft budget has been increased. “We’re also looking to say, ‘Gee, we’ll hopefully get a new venue in three or four years, and who’s going to be ready for that?’ I think we’ll have a better team (in 2012) or equal to last year’s, which is wonderful. They’ll be younger and learning a lot.”

After restocking with prospects, the A’s began rounding out their roster with experienced players, including Bartolo Colon and Jonny Gomes.

Might be one more. Manny, anyone?

I would have no problems with that on his talent and his ability,” Wolff said of Ramirez, who’s flirting with a possible comeback. “His last experience in Tampa Bay, what I’m hearing, he was a good clubhouse guy.”