Continuing with our embarrasing draftees on MySpace thread, the Phillies nabbed Doug Drabek’s kid, pitcher Kyle, with their 18th pick. Writes Chuck Meehan, “we are all getting a lot of laughs from young Drabek’s MySpace page.”

I can’t imagine why.

In a somewhat related note, the BBC’s Board Of Governors determined yesterday that in contemporary parlance, the term “gay” is the equivelent of “rubbish” or “lame”, and would not discipline round-mound-of-unlistenable-sounds, Radio 1 fuckface Chris Moyles.

The Boad rejected a complaint against Radio One presenter Chris Moyles after he dismissed a ring tone by saying “I don’t want that one, it’s gay”.

The late morning topic on Ch. 5’s “The Wright Stuff” was “Does Gay Mean Rubbish?” Host (and former Mirror gossip scribbler) Matthew is certainly an expert on at least one of the two, so this was (w)right up his alley.