(Chin-lung Hu scores for a team that gave him the worst player name pun in club history: “Hu You Gonna Call?”, plastered all over Dodgervision)

Just to spite some “real” journalists, this blogger actually went to the Cardinals-Dodgers game last night. Thanks to the Dodgervision screen broadcasting clips from the Lakers rout of the Spurs, LA fans got to see what a winner looks like, just not the one they paid to see. Pitchers Derek Lowe and the Tards’ Adam Wainwright were so evenly matched that the 2-1 score really just came down to a the fact that Albert Pujols walked to first before Ryan Ludwick clocked his 13th home run of the year. Other than that the teams pretty nearly answered each other for hits, scoring innings, errors, and unproductive innings. While the Dodgers scored their 1, La Russa got to his prized “crooked numbers” first. So, St. Louis loses no ground to Zambrano and the Cubs who beat Pittsburgh 12-3 last night. The Dodgers really only came to life after an hour-long, 9th inning, one-out rain delay, and it was pinch hitter Andruw Jones who struck out, leaving the tying run on-base. And if anyone can explain the use of “Enter Sandman” during the rain delay musical medley played, please do. My best guess was making it “Enter Rainman.”