That’s right, nothing but hockey for as long as I’m the only one awake. From the Philadelphia Daily News:

During the second period of the Flyers’ 3-0 loss, New Jersey’s Travis Zajac got into a scrum in front of the Flyers’ net, and during that brief interlude, he cut his middle finger on Derian Hatcher’s eye tooth.

Unless there is video somewhere that shows some conclusive evidence, what actually happened will become part of the lore of the Flyers-Devils rivalry, but Zajac insisted last night that Hatcher (above) bit him.

What is known is that Zajac suffered a cut on the tip of his left middle finger and missed the rest of the period, but was it a bite?

Zajac said yes.

“There was a scrum in front. I guess I got close to him and he bit me,” Zajac said. Asked whether Hatcher said anything, Zajac said, “I had my finger in his mouth, so I don’t think he could.”

But Hatcher said, no, Zajac face-washed him (ran his glove across the face) and his finger got caught on a tooth.

“If he’s cut, good,” Hatcher said. “But I didn’t bite him. I didn’t think anything of it until someone mentioned it to me. I know exactly what they’re talking about. He came in and went like that, right across my face in front of the net.

“The play went on, and no one even said a word until 5 minutes, 10 minutes later when one of their players asked me about it. He just asked if I bit somebody, and, until then, I never even thought nothing of it.

“He got his glove caught on my tooth, almost pulled it out. It’s all sore.”

The Flyers were unaware that it had even happened – if in fact it did – but it was the talk of the Devils’ locker room, and coach Brent Sutter said he saw video that showed, well, something.

“The angle I have has Travis pulling his hand away and the glove is still in Hatcher’s mouth, like a dog on a bone,” he said.