Fayetteville 100, Austin 95

A fairly mixed bag for Austin’s home NBDL debut Saturday — despite a handful of sublime moments from Ezra Williams and former Texas Tech standout Andre Emmett, much of last night’s loss to the Patriots was characterized by sloppy passing, lackadaisical defense and curious shot selection.

As a follower of the New York Knicks, I felt right at home.

I thought Toros management didn’t do a bad job of making the Austin Convention Center vaguely resemble a basketball venue — though it would help if the scoreboard operator reviews the manual before the next game. Likewise, the usual cheesy trappings of most minor league sporting events were in abundance. “Couldn’t they get real cheerleaders instead of these cheap sluts?” inquired a friend. I’m sorry, but that’s no way to talk about Mayor Wynn.

Kermit Washington sparring partner Rudy Tomjanovich was introduced and given a warm ovation before the game. Having seen a sprightly Rudy T. exiting the Men’s Room at halftime, I can report that no longer having to coach Kobe Bryant seems to have done wonders for his appearance.