And by the above headline, I mean a 4 year love affair between CSTB and Austin’s entry in the NBA Development League.  Tonight’s poorly attended home opener would’ve otherwise been notable for the regular season pro debut of Bill Walker (above, 23 points, 8 rebounds), who led Utah to a 93-91 defeat of Quin Snyder’s Toros. Rather than Walker’s performance or an OT buzzer beater from fellow Celtics hopeful JR Giddens,  I’m unfortunately gonna focus on the participation of local radio sponsor Hot 93.3, who presumably employed some moron to slap a sticker advertising their station on the back of my jacket.

Spray painting “please punch me in the face” across my shoulder blades would’ve been more subtle, but if this wasn’t bad enough, the incessant ramblings of compere-for-the-night D-Train (above, left) were the real ambience killer.  The pinhead in question actually refers to himself as “the P. Diddy of Austin”,  and considering Sean Combs’ history of basketball related fatalities, perhaps this should’ve given the Spurs front office pause before inviting him to the Convention Center.   Toros games remain a great value — a cheap seat is only a couple of bucks more than going to see “Transporter 3”, but I would gladly shell out another 4 or 5 dollars for a guarantee I’d never have to hear D-Bag D-Train ever again.