With a story that makes me long for the days in which spring training hi-jinx were best typified by teammates beating up the pizza guy who caught them urinating in publicTwin Cities.com’s Mike Bearardino reports the Twins are attempting to bond with former Korean Baseball Organization MVP Byung Ho Park by forcing him to watch ABC’s “The Bachelor” (link swiped from Baseball Think Factory) :

“I didn’t understand it,” Park said in English, referring to the popular show’s concept.

“Park was kind of confused why the guy (Ben) kept kissing all these different girls and he’s not married or dating any of them,” teammate Brian Dozier said. “He didn’t know what was going on.”

Apparently there is no equivalent of “The Bachelor” on South Korean television.

“Absolutely not,” Dozier said. “We had to teach him that. Everything went good. We had fun with it. It’s not like we’re serious into ‘The Bachelor’ or something.”

The above assurance aside, Dozier tells Bearardino he intends to have more colleagues over for next Monday’s episode (“women tell all,” apparently).