For the occasion of last night’s blowout loss to the Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers (above, in dark jerseys) opted to wear the sort of tiny shorts that haven’t been in vogue for centuries. Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas writes “for the most part, though, I thought they looked great”, ignoring how this was all Kurt Rambis’ fault for leaving the shorts in the drier too long.

So how did it look? Some people have already complained about the compression shorts that were peeking out from beneath many players™ trunks, but that didn™t bother me (especially since compression shorts are often visible on players wearing full-length shorts too). My gripe was that the jerseys were too billowy ” they should™ve been tailored snugger, to match the shorts.

Once the Lakers went back to the contemporary shorts in the second half (which I think they did just because everyone likes to do that idiotic MJ shorts tug), everything turned predictably sloppy-looking ” the baggy look just doesn™t work, people. Memo to David Stern: Make everything two sizes smaller, go buy a Val-U-Pak pack of tube socks, and get back to me in 2008.