(on the right : Ken Reeves, not on Phil’s short list, despite wonderful results at Carver High)

Following the Knicks’ Monday morning dismissal of Derek Fisher, the New York Post’s Mike Vaccaro insists that former Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau, “is the most qualified person out there,” possesses “a deeper resume than Luke Walton or Brian Shaw,” wants the job really bad and would be greeted with open arms by Carmelo Anthony. One small problem, however. As Vaccaro explains, Knicks President Phil Jackson’s not interested (“there may be a better chance of Ken Reeves and Norman Dale coaching the Knicks,”) :

When Thibodeau’s name was floated, Jackson’s tone clicked to a place somewhere between testy and surly.

“I respect Tom as a coach, he’s a very good coach,” he said. “Have I said I’m soliciting coaches right now?”

If he isn’t yet, he ought to be soon. And if he’s true to his original vow — that he wants to restore the Knicks to the prominence they enjoyed when he was both their top antagonizer off the bench as a player in the ’70s and chief antagonist as an opposing coach in the ’90s — Thibododeau’s name has to be on his short list.

If all he cares about is glorifying the sacred triangle? If he isn’t able to figure out a compromise — a triangle-flavored offensive coach to balance Thibodeau’s defense-heavy skillset, perhaps? — then you have to wonder if winning is — let’s pick a word carefully …Paramount to him.