True Hoop’s Henry Abbott was up pretty early Saturday, declaring Larry Brown’s resignation from a no-show job in Philly and Sam Vincent’s sudden firing in Charlotte were hardly unrelated. Today, the Post’s Peter Vecsey (“hey, I’m no Agatha Christie – I’m not even Julie Christie”), concurs, predicting “I visualize Dean Smith as Brown’s behind-the-bench consultant for home games, a la Tex Winter holding down Phil Jackson”.

Down deep, Next Town Brown has a lot of groupie in him when it comes to (Charlotte boss) Michael Jordan. I dare say he’d probably work for nothing (admittedly a “slight” exaggeration; Larry definitely wears Michael’s underwear brand) to hang around His Airness on a regular basis.

If my conclusion-jumping is off target, the Grizzlies’ presidency and coaching jobs are there for the scoop should Brown want them. Again, he was never in Bulls GM John Paxson’s interviewing equation, which has expanded beyond Rick Carlisle. In fact, sources say Paxson is scheduled to meet with Mark Jackson in Los Angeles sometime this week, though the original point god made it clear, all negotiating details being near equal, his goal is to coach the Knicks..

Condolences go out this Sunday AM to the players, staff and some several dozen fans of the Austin Toros, who saw the D-League title awarded to Idaho after a 108-101 loss in Boise Friday evening. The NBA’s haste in producing locker room tees for the Stampede has me wondering which war torn corner of the globe was airlifted Toros 2008 Championship shirts.

Anyhow, if you see a bunch of helicopters flying over Comal and 12th Street today or tomorrow, you’ll know what’s up.