Along with tipping the Knicks to try and move up to the no. 2 spot in Thursday’s NBA Draft in order to select PG Ricky Rubio, the New York Post’s Peter Vecsey confesses he’s witnessed very little NCAA hoops of late, and such defers to the wisdom of Clibhoops’ Jim Clibanoff.

How can Tyler Hansbrough be UNC’s all-time leading scorer and be expected by many experts to be this June’s Rashard Lewis — last invited draftee sitting in the green room? At best, he might crash the lottery at No. 13 or 14.

“The longer a guy stays in school, the less attractive he becomes to most of the pundits!” Clibanoff replied. “Less room to dream about that magical and intoxicating expression called ‘upside.’

“Regrettably, they discount experience, basketball IQ and NBA-readiness — resulting from time spent in college — and focus on how great a player he could become as opposed to how devoid he is of the aforementioned recipe items.

“Hansbrough may indeed have a capped upside, but his corresponding DOWNSIDE is not nearly as deep as many of the pups that will precede him on draft night.”

As for Hansbrough’s lack of respect by the authorities, an East Coast GM declared he’d love to have him on his team. “He plays all-out, will give you extra possessions by taking a charge, be productive in the pick-and-pop game and shoots 85 percent from the free throw line.

“On the other hand, he has small hands, short arms and is a soft finisher. I like him . . . but not like that. I envision him as an upgraded version of Mark Madsen.”