Willie Randolph might’ve received a vote of confidence from his GM yesterday — albeit one that couldn’t have been more qualified — but one group of Mets fans have decided to bail before the All-Star break. Ladies and Gentleman, Alex Nelson introduces RaysGeek.

Eric called a meeting at the MetsGeek offices. We threw some ideas around to liven the site up again, but, in the end, the staff unanimously agreed to just drop the Mets gimmick. We™re tired of this team, and we felt it was time to attach ourselves to a new beacon of light and hope: the Tampa Bay Rays.

Why the Rays? As it turns out, we have a lot in common. We both needed to clean the slate with a new identity this season. Well, half a slate; the Rays only removed half their nickname, and, if you look at the banners above, you™ll notice we™ve chosen to do the same. Mr. Met™s smiling visage shall continue to shine down upon our daily content. After all, I™m not even sure if the Rays have a mascot, and Mr. Met remains the best, even when the team doesn™t.

So I™d like to welcome everyone to RaysGeek.com, home of the best Rays analysis on the internets. We pray that you, our readers, shall remain faithful to the site and not the team. Unlike the Mets, we™ll never let you down. Because if the Rays™ season takes a turn for the worse, you can bet that we™ll be ready to jump ship again.

I’m sure these gentleman are 100% serious about this, and not even a result as incredible as a starting nine featuring Fernando Tatis, (2 singles, 2 RBI’s), Ramon Castro (2 for 3, 2 RBI’s), Damon Easley and Nick Evans beating the first place Marlins tonight will cause them to second guess their decision. The Rays’ 12-6 loss to the visiting Rangers is another story, however. Josh Hamiltion’s 8th inning grand slam off J.P. Howell gives him an astonishing 58 RBI’s before the start of June. Hopefully, Steve Phillips will see past the tattoos and druggy ways and shall vote for Hamilton on his All-Star ballot.