You can count the New York Post’s Peter Vescey amongst those who feel, regardless of the circumstances, the Knicks’ Antonio Davis got off easy.

“Given the choice of taking on Kendra or Antonio,” declared someone who has known both for years, “I’d rather fight Antonio. She can be real tough on people.”

So, what is the literal translation of Stern’s latest ruling? That players now have the right to pick and choose a time to go into the stands? They’re now free to decide when it’s justified?

You start making excuses for one player, and the next player is more apt to take the law into his own hands and cause a disturbance that’s going to hurt more than just his family. Remember the picture of those frozen-in-fear youngsters at the Palace? Chairs being heaved indiscriminately? Fist fights all over the place? It doesn’t get any viler. Not until the next time, anyway.

Did Antonio consider anybody but himself and his family before taking his misguided tour? He easily could’ve incited a riot by going into the stands. The fact no one took the bait is irrelevant.

Antonio had no idea if someone was going to take offense to him breaching their space. No clue if someone might stab him, shoot him or throw beer on him. And then it would’ve been on! That quick!

Antonio very well might have had the right (though distorted) intentions, but once he’s offsides and things get out of hand he’s no longer in control of his emotions or anything else. For exercising such stupidity and selfishness, it says here, he should’ve be given 20 games minimum, an unpaid opportunity to spend quality time with his wife.

It’s also pretty rich that Will Leitch is taking credit for claims of Kendra Davis being the instigator having been “first reported” at Deadspin. Sure, if you ignore the fact that similiar eyewitness accounts had been retold on an obscure broadcast outlet called ESPN Radio, he’s got another first class scoop. Much the way Elvis Presley invented rock’n’roll, Will Leitch broke this story.