Peter Vescey in Sunday’s NY Post, keeping track of Knicks coach Larry Brown’s ever-changing moods.

One day Brown’s applauding the advent of Eddy Curry, next day he’s bemoaning the instability of the Knicks’ staring lineup. Alas, Larry, if we’re to sign on to his sincerity, was eager to start the season with a fortified front line of Jesse James, Michael Sweetney and “Timmy” Thomas and was deprived of that glorious opportunity.

Following Wednesday charming collapse in Portland, Brown says publicly what he’s been saying privately to Isiah Thomas: His reconstruction job should be condemned. Well, not quite. It’s too early to go to that extreme, at least for publication/attribution.

Actually, Brown said the roster is “unbalanced,” the backcourt is devoid of a prudent playmaker, and he’s obliged to play Quentin Richardson and Jamal Crawford out of position. Brown interrupts programming early and often to stress to his rapt listening audience that, ah shucks, “I could be doing a lot better job than I’m doing, too.”

After Friday’s enchanting evening in Oakland, the Knicks remained winless and witless at 0-5. Again, Brown was playing “Change That Tune.” He denies undercutting Isiah, denies hinting his hastily convened assembly is flawed.

“If anything needs to done, maybe they should find a new coach,” he declared with a finger-painted straight face prior to consulting with President Bush about an honorable exit strategy.

I suspect we should take that to mean Brown feels Richardson is on the wrong team. No disrespect to Isiah, of course, for making him part of a team moderately incapable of taking advantage of his 3-point stroke or post up powers.

“I don’t think he’s in great shape,” Brown said Friday, noting Quentin missed the majority of training camp due to injury. “He’s just trying to find himself. We’ve just got to find ways to help him.”

Help Richardson find a new home, Brown meant to say. That can be done. Moving Marbury is the predicament. If Brown couldn’t get him off his Dream Team, how he’s ever going to get off his Bad Dream Team?