The New York Post’s Peter Vescey has some substantial things to say about Ron Artest’s future, but more importantly, a thought or two about the most recent Western Conference slugfest.

Michael Olowokandi finally earned his Timberwolves keep by provoking Nene into a fist-fight, the way it was meant to be, mano-a-mano instead of mano-a-fanatico. Both received the same four-game sanctioned sentence and we all know who came out ahead on that score. The Crying Wolves, who hosted Toronto last night, have dutifully improved on this Kandi-free diet, winning that game in Denver and the next vs. the frontcourt-less Blazers.

This just in: So it shouldn’t be a total loss, Latrell Sprewell petitioned David Stern to turn over Olowokandi’s paychecks to his near starving family.

After a pair of last-second losses to the suddenly Compati-Bulls, it’s clear where the Knicks’ blame lies ” Herman Edwards.

An American institution takes place again the day after tomorrow in our nation’s capital. Every four years, a president gets sworn in and every four minutes, Wes Unseld gets sworn at.