The NY Post’s Peter Vescey picks San Antonio to emerge from the West, though we’re all about sharing more specific observations of Pete’s, as always.

Spree says he’s gotta have at least $14.6M per, his minimum wages this season, on a 3-year extension. “I’ve got a family to feed.” Get serious, Latrell. On that paycheck, you can feed Sally Struthers and her family. Evidently, Spree is doing his best to transform James Dolan into a sympathetic figure.

If it appears they have a chance to win a title, look for Houston’s 7-foot assistant coach to come out of retirement so he can win his first ring.

Donald Stern and Mark Cuban have worked out a deal re fines. In the future, any money collected from the owner will be used to bribe people to watch his next show.

Kobe made a point of thanking the Clippers for their interest when the Lakers played them during preseason, but, “like I always say, no means no.”