From Peter Vescey in today’s NY Post.

Should Pistons’ owner Bill Davidson agree to buy out the $18 million over three years remaining on Next Town Brown’s contract I’m hearing a critical contingency (strictly unconfirmed) is he’ll be prohibited from working for the Knicks this coming season.

Meaning Herb Williams figures to become the NBA’s first permanent interim head coach.

Doug Moe, who’s had Next Town Brown’s back for a half century, can’t understand why his friend’s (“I don’t know if the Pistons want me”) histrionics have caused such a fuss. Considering the team finished one brain drain by Rasheed Wallace away (Robert Horry’s uncontested three) from successfully defending its title, the Nuggets’ assistant can’t visualize Davidson overreacting to Larry’s insecurities.

“It’s not like Mr. Davidson didn’t know who he was getting when he signed Larry two years ago. Win or lose he’s always looking for some love. That wouldn’t be a problem except he talks to you guys too much about it,” Moe said, referring to the media. “He just can’t help it.”

Think it doesn’t pay to be seven feet tall? There’s no other explanation for Jerome James to glom $29M over five from the Knicks and Dan Gadzuric to harvest what he got from the Bucks.

Milwaukee owner Herb Kohl, who ordered Ray Allen traded a few years ago to save $25M, now has endowed $90M to Michael Redd, $36M to Gadzuric and $48M to Bobby Simmons; three players who helped their two teams (Bucks and Clippers) reach the lottery last season. Upgrading doesn’t get any more mediocre.

“Money is not a problem,” the senator confided. “In fact, half of Redd’s salary is to be paid by campaign contributions.”

But, if the Knicks get James, who was born in foul trouble, to play some of the time now that he’s not on the end of his contract, it’s a decent pull. If nothing else, the freak is freakishly long.