…or at least HoopsHype.com. From Peter Vescey in Sunday’s NY Post :

Contrary to widespread reports, the Celtics and Clippers never have engaged in any conversation whatsoever re Coey Maggette and Paul Pierce. It’s almost amusing that one obscure publication can fabricate a story and how many established newspapers run with it without bothering (maybe they just don’t have the necessary resources) to fact check.

Obviously that’s too much to ask when everyone working for hoopshype.com evidently failed English comprehension. Last week I wrote that Charles Barkley encouraged Eddy Curry to take the DNA test even though it’s not multiple choice. Naturally, the Internet site doesn’t get it without sub-titles; Barkley’s “message” to Curry became a hoopshype headline. For the edification of hoopshype.com these next items are fact, not facetious, from real sources, not pretend:

The Celtics approached the Mavericks a while back about Pierce but were rejected for two reasons. Dallas believes you can’t have two official scorers and everyone’s very satisfied with the one (Dirk Nowitzki) already on tap. Moreover, acquiring Pierce meant also having to take a bad contract or two off Boston’s cap.

Darius Miles, who may very well be the Trail Blazers’ point leader this season if Zach Randolph’s surgically-repaired (mirofracture) knee (and attitude) doesn’t improve any time soon was offered for Maggette last week; my Paper Clips weren’t remotely interested.

By the way, did you see where the Garden was overrun last night by sumo wrestlers? Fifteen of them were able to beat Eddy Curry back on defense.