…though lord knows, the Isiah Thomas bashing (and by extension, criticism of new Knicks hire Glen Grunwald)  will see few days off for the next 8 months. From Friday’s New York Post.

It was obvious Thomas hoped to provoke Larry Brown into conduct unbecoming a Hall of Famer, especially after Isiah notified Larry he had no intention of trading Jalen Rose (above) during the offseason, as initially promised.

Who says Thomas isn’t competent enough to formulate an effective plan? Particularly now that Thomas is back collaborating with his old playmate and business buddy; bringing us full segue to Grunwald, who couldn’t be more in tune with his boss. Both get infatuated with mediocre talent and habitually squander fortunes on it.

Guess who obscenely overpaid Antonio Davis, Alvin Williams and Jerome Williams, reasoning their long-term re-signings would elevate the Raptors and appease Vince Carter?

Guess whom the Knicks still owe $6.425M this season and $7.050M for ’07-’08? That’s right, Junk Yard Dog. Isn’t that illuminating! Grunwald signs him and Thomas renounces him (the team’s lone luxury-tax exemption) three years before his contract is up.

Here’s another interesting morsel that might’ve been erased from your memory bank: Grunwald and Thomas have something else in common; both employed Lenny Wilkens long after the rest of the NBA comprehended he was obsolete, and terminated him long before his $5M per-year agreements had been fulfilled.