News of the World‘s Simona Parry reports that convicted child molester Gary Glitter will be freed from a Vietnamese prison in May.  Glitter’s release means he’s paid his debt to society and Laker fans can go back to listening to “Rock and Roll, Pt. 2” conscience free during breaks. Glitter’s future at 64 will be uncertain, but he can look to fellow Vietnamese ex-con Senator John McCain, 72, for inspiration, who this week became the all but certain nominee of the Republican party.

Disgraced ut not Disglammed -- Glitter May Knocking On Your Door Soon to Introduce Himself

VILE pop pervert Gary Glitter is to be released from jail in Vietnam three months EARLY… because of his good behaviour.

The paedophile”serving three years after we revealed how he’d abused girls of 11 and 12”will be freed in May.

Bearded Glitter’s ailing health has also prompted the move. As we revealed, the 63-year-old monster had a heart attack last month which, say prison bosses, gives COMPASSIONATE grounds for letting him out ahead of his scheduled release in August.

They have already talked to British Embassy officials about deporting the fallen glam rock idol back to Britain in time for his 64th birthday in May.

But he says he wants to move to Hong Kong. After spending more than a week in hospital, Glitter ”real name Paul Gadd” has now returned to prison where he is being given EXTRA PRIVILEGES.

He has been put on a special diet and moved from the dormitory where he slept on the floor with 30 other inmates. The pervert’s now in a cell with proper beds and only two other prisoners.

A prison officer revealed: “He is being given better food and examined twice a day by doctors from the prison clinic. He has to take pills three times a day to control his blood pressure.”

Arrogant Glitter INSISTED on going back to the Thu Duc prison against doctor’s advice after discovering we had photographed him at the hospital in Phan Thiet.

A source said: “He loathes the newspapers, and particularly the News of the World, because he blames you for putting him in prison in the first place.”

Our pleasure. Rest assured, we’ll be waiting when he comes out of jail.