(Jay Hook, comforted by the knowledge that in a half century, a bunch of guys in Flushing will be trying to look just like him)

Q: How d’ya know when New York Mets’ Vice President David Howard isn’t lying? A:  His lips aren’t moving He’s spilling the beans to ESPN NY’s Adam Rubin about next season’s uniforms, and a likely tribute to the 1962 Amazins’.

“We are planning on actually doing some modifications to our uniform palette for next year as part of our 50th anniversary celebration,” Howard said. “That’s something we’ll announce, I think, after the season. The plan is to unveil it in November.”

A source subsequently told ESPNNewYork.com that significant elements of the original 1962 uniform (see the Gil Hodges photo on the right) will be incorporated in 2012.

The Mets wore the original ’62 uniform design until 1973. The team’s media guide offers this description: “The jersey was white with blue pinstripes and ‘Mets’ in script across the chest on an upward slant, which was based on the Brooklyn Dodgers uniform.”

It is not clear whether next season’s revisions will extend to the road uniforms, but the description of the 1962 away uniform reads: “The words ‘New York’ in all capital letters with orange piping were used. The home pinstripe base was replaced by a solid gray color. The Mets’ skyline logo appeared on the left sleeve, and the same royal blue cap was used for both home and road uniforms.”