Mets 4, Yankees 3

For a glass half-full empty kinda person like me, it’s hard not to think about how close the Mets came to sweeping this series, though I suppose if the Yankees had the benefit of Posada, Sheffield and Matsui for the weekend, things might’ve been very different. Either way, a terrific Mets win this evening, one not without some more anxious moments courtesy of Billy Wagner…another solid showing from Aaron Heilman, and yet another DP ball in a big spot from A-Rod.

A few participants to think about while the search party is looking for LeBron James :

Bernie Williams — David Pinto says he loves baseball because “anyone can be the hero.” I dunno about that (I don’t see Dracula hitting any walkoff HR’s) but I do like the fact that I’ve been watching this game for a long, long time and Bernie’s was the the first 10 foot double I’ve ever seen, outside of Little League.

Carlos Delgado : the other Carlos D might personally be responsible for putting the pyro bill at Shea through the roof this season, if not the Chumbawumba revival. If Delgado continues raking like this in crucial moments, he can burn a flag wrapped around John Glenn and still be embraced.

David Wright – admittedly, a monster shot to left off Aaron Small, but Jon Miller’s claim that said blast was “into the streets of New York!” was just silly. Surely Miller is aware just how big that parking lot is?

Cliff Floyd – just when the Mets’ left fielder seems to be coming around (a line drive HR yesterday, a triple tonight that would’ve been straight into the home bullpen under normal conditions), Floyd banged up his shoulder on an attempted diving grab in the 8th. I’ve not turned on WFAN yet, so I’ve probably missed the first of several calls asking about Lasting Milledge’s travel plans.

Tom Glavine – how many more times can I say “I take it all back”?

Billy Wagner – sometimes when you fall off the bike, you have to get right back on it. Same goes for the Sybian. When Country Time had Kelly Stinnett at 2-2, Joe Morgan observed that Wagner wouldn’t be throwing a breaking ball because “he can’t risk going to 3-2 and walking him.” Wagner, who’d already thrown a couple of breaking pitches for strikes in the 9th, blew away the Yankee catcher with a slider. Thankfully, Joe Morgan isn’t a pitching coach.

Peter Gammons claimed Alay Soler was more likely to get one of the starts this week against Philly than Mike Pelfrey (ineffective Saturday against Altoona), a report confirmed in tomorrow’s New York Times by Lee Jenkins.

(Willie) Randolph said he planned to use Soler and González on Wednesday and Thursday, although he had not decided who would pitch on which day. The Mets seem to be running out of patience with González , and if he falters this week, they will probably need to revisit this subject all over again.