In all fairness, I’m not sure anyone ever told Chris Carlin he was cute when he got angry, either, so that’s one card I certainly won’t be playing with Yankee broadcaster Suzyn Waldman, who unloaded on Newsday’s Neil Best earlier Wednesday.

“This one’s getting me angry, because I don’t play this card a lot, but this is as sexist as it gets,” Waldman (above) said Wednesday. “What’s the big damn deal? That I cried for four seconds of a 10-minute postgame?

“The idea that I can’t choke up because a man I went through cancer with 11 years ago is going to lose his job and I was describing his coaches crying? It’s absolutely ludicrous.” The man to whom Waldman referred is manager Joe Torre, who is unlikely to have his contract renewed. (Waldman is a breast cancer survivor; Torre has survived prostate cancer.)

“I’m not Walter Cronkite,” she said. “Who are these arbiters of journalism who are ripping me on the radio?”

“I almost understood the Clemens one, because I did get excited and it was during the game,” she said. “But who decided all this? The rules change all the time. It’s, ‘Oh, you’re a journalist.’ For Pete’s sake, I am not Walter Cronkite. I’m not talking about Iraq.

“I’m talking about a man who is so loved in this city and we all know what’s going to happen. I actually thought I was very poetic. I’m very surprised how it got out that smoothly.”

Waldman called the reaction “anti-female” and insisted she serves a valuable role.

“I take it seriously that I am a conduit between that locker room and fans,” she said. “Every person was so busy ripping me for crying, they didn’t hear what I was saying . . . If I got choked up doing it, so what?”

More anti-Yankee in some instances than anti-female, I’d hope, but given some of the anonymous blog commentary noted earlier, Waldman is not incorrect in citing misogyny.