U.S. Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) ...

[“Sarah, if you ever make it down to Washington again, give my assistant a call …”]

Longtime readers of this site know that CSTB remains the blogosphere leader in Alaskan High School Hockey. However, this reporter is currently visiting the Seattle area, so apologies are owed to those of you wondering if there was any Warrior news in the past few days.  You betcha there is!  Well, yes.

First, player rosters are up, and as you know, the 2008/9 Warriors motto is “No Whining.”  To those of you cut on Tuesday:  Thanks for trying out.  Some people just don’t have what it takes to make varsity. No use whining about it if someone beats you out fair and square for the spot you wanted.  Sometimes, looks, the most expensive uniform, and ruthless play just aren’t enough when skill, knowledge of the game, and understanding what being a team player is are sorely needed.

Second, the Nov. 13th Menard Tourny v. WW Varsity is on at the Wasilla Multi-Use Sports Complex. Why is this important?  As you know, the the complex has not been a money-maker for Wasilla since Mayor Palin built it before moving on to the governor’s mansion, where she will reside for some time to come.  The sports complex, built by the same people who built her house, really needs your support, so show up!

And finally, you may have heard, but former star forward Levi Johnson’s future mother-in-law, Governor Sarah Palin, lost her bid for vice-Presidency of the United States of America.  One more reason to secede, right Todd?  LULZ!  While nothing has been announced yet, the Warriors sure could use a puck dropped by the governor at the Wasilla Multi-Use Sports Complex, at least until the complex is paid off.  Look for more information on this site for Governor Palin’s next public appearance somewhere in Wasilla.